University open days

For most students – in Britain, and indeed in any other part of the world – their three or four years at university will be a major landmark in their lives. Their degree will represent the pinnacle of their academic achievements. It is also where they are likely to acquire a close group of friends who will remain with them for the rest of their lives. And they will, inevitably, be stamped by that elusive characteristic that every university imparts to those who pass through its doors.

 It is vital, therefore, that you choose a university that suits you in all ways – a university where you can thrive academically, where you feel comfortable, and where you can enjoy all the opportunities available.

Choosing a university is an important, life-shaping decision – too important to bungle through lack of research.

You can, of course, glean a huge amount of information about universities from the outside – through their reputation, by studying their details on the Internet, from your school, from lists and league tables, and from what students attending these universities tell you. With such information, you can narrow down your selection ahead of making your choice of six universities on your UCAS application form.

But nothing can beat visiting a university personally, and the best way to do this is to attend an open day.

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Kay 22 June, 2012

Can I have a list of open days with dates?

claire yarwood 23 June, 2012

Please send me a list of open day dates

Agnese 24 June, 2012

Please could you send me a list of open day dates and times

beth 25 June, 2012

can you send me a list of open days dates and times please

H McNair 27 June, 2012

please send a list of open days

Nadiia Khan 29 September, 2012

can you send me a list of open days, dates and times please thank you

Nadiia Khan 29 September, 2012

list of open days,dates, times please thank you

Merina 4 October, 2012

Can i get the list of open days please! :)

Danni 27 November, 2012

Could you send me a list of open days and ther dates please

becky holden 8 January, 2013

Could you send me a list of open days please x

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