Twenty questions to ask

These are the kind of things you should be thinking about, and the sort of questions you should ask:

  • What is the accommodation on the campus like?
  • Do you have to share a room?
  • Are bathroom facilities shared, or en-suite?
  • Do you have to find your own accommodation in the second year?
  • What are the catering arrangements?
  • Does your chosen course match your expectations?
  • What kind of facilities does your faculty have?
  • How big are the tutor groups? (Generally, the smaller the better.)
  • What arrangements are there for computing and information technology?
  • What are the library facilities like?
  • What opportunities are there for exchanges abroad?
  • Where does your course lead in terms of a career, and what is the faculty's success rate in graduate employment?
  • What facilities are available for socialising?
  • Does the university have the kind of clubs and societies you are interested in?
  • What opportunities are there for participating in theatre, music, film-making etc?
  • What are the sports facilities like?
  • What provision is there for healthcare, welfare and religious needs?
  • What is the relationship between the university and the nearest city?
  • What is that city like?
  • What is the approximate annual cost of student life at the university (and how are you going to pay for it)?

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amy 6 July, 2009

if i get a job around the area im staying in, what would be the best hours to work and would i be able to fit a job in around revision?

samantha 8 March, 2011

what activities to have on an open day for a hair salon??

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